Видео: HTC Touch 3G unboxed

HTC Touch Dual unboxed

Unboxing of the new HTC Touch Dual.

HTC Touch 3G TouchScreen Viva / Jade - Overview of phone and a few app changes/upgrades

This is a quick video about the HTC Touch 3G aka Viva/Jade. I have changed a few things on the phone and added a few apps ...

HTC Touch 3G - Contenido (unboxed) - MundoPDA

Editado por: http://www.mundopda.com Audio: Fugue State Abrimos la caja del HTC Touch 3G para ver qué contenido y ...

Unboxing HTC Touch 3G

Unboxing HTC Touch 3G. http://informaticenter.es/b2c/index.php?page=pp_producto.....

We bought a brand new HTC Touch Diamond for RM100...

HTC Touch Diamond for RM100: http://bit.ly/2O9DV4r We got ourselves a classic old HTC Touch Diamond from Shopee, what can ...

HTC Touch 3G quick look video

A quick look at the HTC Touch 3G hardware and software.

HTC Dash 3G (T-Mobile) - Unboxing

The wait between Dash and Dash 3G was long. But it may have been worth it if you use T-Mobile and like Windows Mobile.

HTC Touch Dual Unboxing

HTC Touch Dual (20 key) unboxed! Also available in higher quality at http://www.revver.com/u/paulatmodaco.

MY iTablet Unboxing the HTC Touch

http://www.myitablet.com/sexy-htc-touch-takes-on-the-apple-iphone-05747.php HTC layered TouchFLO, their very own ...

HTC Touch unboxed

The new HTC Touch unboxed.

HTC Touch Pro (Sprint) - Unboxing and Hands-On

Is this the best Windows Mobile device ever? Only one way to find out ... Noah unboxes the Sprint Touch Pro. More on Touch Pro ...

HTC Touch Cruise unboxed!

Unboxing the new HTC Touch Cruise Windows Mobile Phone - Pre-release version.

HTC Touch Diamond2 Unboxing and Preview video

Matt unboxes and demonstrates the new HTC Touch Diamond2. This is a pre-release handset.

HTC Touch 3G Unboxing (Thailand Set)

Unboxing HTC Touch 3G Thailand set at PDAMobiz.com.

HTC My Touch 3G Unboxing

AndroidGuys.com unboxes the HTC/T-Mobile My Touch 3G.

Unboxing the FIRST Android Phone!

Android and the T-Mobile G1 were first announced 10 years ago! In honor of Android's 10th anniversary here is an unboxing of ...

HTC Touch HD unboxed and previewed

Matt unboxes the retail version of the HTC Touch HD and gives us a quick preview.

HTC Touch Unboxed

Matt from tracyandmatt.co.uk unboxes the HTC Touch.

HTC Touch Dual Unboxing

Matt from tracyandmatt.co.uk unboxes the HTC Touch Dual.

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